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Senbei jiru

Senbei jiru
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Ingredients (For 4 persons)

  • rice cracker 8 pieces
  • green onion 1 and 1/2
  • Chicken meat 200g
  • Chicken thigh 200g
  • konnyaku thread 160g
  • fu 10g
  • burdock root 1/2
  • frozen tofu 1 piece
  • carrot 1/2
  • Seasoning A] Soy sauce 80ml
  • Seasoning A] Sake 40ml
  • Seasoning A] White miso 20g
  • Seasoning A] Salt A pinch

How to cook

  • 1. Grill the meat until the surface changes color.

  • 2. Put 1 and burdock in 2 liters of hot water and simmer over low heat.

  • 3. After adding konnyaku string to 2, turn the heat to high and remove the scum from the surface.
    (Do not remove the oil at this time.)

  • 4. Add frozen tofu and carrots to 3 and simmer further.

  • 5. Add fu and when all ingredients are cooked, add seasoning A and season to taste.

  • 6. Finally, release the green onion and add only enough to eat the rice crackers.

  • 7. *Before serving, cut chicken into bite-sized pieces, burdock root and carrot into thin strips, cut konnyaku into 3-4 cm lengths, leeks into diagonal slices, frozen tofu into strips and cut into bite-sized pieces, and fu into bite-sized pieces.
    Add mushrooms such as shimeji mushrooms to taste.

Recipe Arrangements

provider : "Guidebook for the transmission of food culture" (Aomori Prefecture)

* Recipes vary depending on the region and home.

* This recipe video has been partially arranged to make it easier to cook at home.