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  • Image Source : "Akita Gouji Fudoki" (Akita Prefecture Council of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Village Lifestyle Research Groups)

  • Image provided by : JA Akita Furusato

  • Image Source : Fujimi Kadowaki, Hoshisetsu-kan, Farmer's Inn


Ingredients (For 35-40 pieces)

  • Glutinous Rice 1.5kg
  • Bamboo grass leaves 150 leaves (3 rolls)
  • rushes As needed
  • baking soda a little

How to cook

  • 1. [Preparation] Wash and dry bamboo grass leaves, cut off the tips and stems. Wash glutinous rice, drain in a colander, and set aside for about 15 minutes.

  • 2. Look at the front of the leaf with the root to the right. Wrap around inward from the right root to make a triangular cylinder.

  • 3. Pinch tightly so that the rice does not spill from the tip.

  • 4. From the back of the two layers of bamboos, place the top of 3.

  • 5. Wrap the bamboo around the stem, leaving the stem part at the top.

  • 6. Add about 40g of glutinous rice to (5).

  • 7. Fold the bamboos in front of you, then fold the lid down from the other side and fold it tightly.

  • 8. Shape the rice into a shape, seal it with rushes, and place it in a bowl of water (not included in the quantity) and soak it for about 2 hours.

  • 9. Add a little baking soda to boiling water (not included), add (8), simmer for 30 minutes, then wrap in a wrung cloth (towel, etc.) and let cool slowly.

provider : “Akita Kyomi(=local cuisine) Fudoki” (Akita Prefecture Rural Life Research Group Council)

* Recipes vary depending on the region and home.