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  • Image Source : The Best of Gifu


Ingredients (For 3 pieces )

  • Rice Flour (Roughly ground) 330g
  • Boiling water 300cc
  • [mugwort Karasumi] Japanese mugwort 130g
  • [mugwort Karasumi] Sugar 100g
  • [mugwort Karasumi] salt A pinch
  • [White Karasumi] Sugar 100g
  • [White Karasumi] salt A pinch
  • [Brown sugar Karasumi] Brown sugar 100g
  • [Brown sugar Karasumi] salt A pinch

How to cook

  • 1. Pour boiling water into rice flour, stir quickly and evenly, and steam in a steamer for 30 minutes.

  • 2. Divide 1 into 3 equal portions, and add the ingredients to each portion about 4 times, kneading patiently until the dough becomes glossy and does not stick to the hands.

  • 3. Divide each of 2 into 3 equal portions and form into shapes. (*If you do not have a mold, place the sticks on a bamboo peel and press down on the top with chopsticks to form the shape.)

  • 4. Steam in a steamer for 5 minutes. Allow to cool before cutting into pieces and eating.

Recipe Arrangements

provider : Ena City Dietary Improvement Liaison Council

* Recipes vary depending on the region and home.

* This recipe video has been partially arranged to make it easier to cook at home.