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Aji no maruzushi

Aji no maruzushi
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  • Image provided by : Saiki City Brand Promotion Council

  • Image provided by : Saiki City Brand Promotion Council

  • Image provided by : Oita Prefecture


Ingredients (For 30 persons)

  • horse mackerel 30 pcs.
  • Vinegar 1000cc
  • Sugar 1kg
  • Sake As needed
  • Sushi rice 30 pieces
  • red shiso 30 pieces of red shiso

How to cook

  • 1. Cut horse mackerels open on their backs, leaving the heads intact.

  • 2. Remove the inside bone.

  • 3. Remove guts and wash well.

  • 4. Season with plenty of salt.

  • 5. Leave overnight.

  • 6. Rinse off the salt.

  • 7. Remove small bones while washing.

  • 8. Soak the horse mackerel overnight in sweet vinegar made from vinegar, sugar and sake.

  • 9. Red perilla leaves are pickled in ume (plum) vinegar for marubeni-zushi.

  • 10. Wash the horse mackerel in water and shake it a little in the sweet vinegar in which the horse mackerel was pickled.

  • 11. Make the vinegared rice. The seasoning of the vinegared rice differs from household to household.

  • 12. Shake the vinegared rice according to the size of horse mackerel.

  • 13. Put the vinegared rice inside the horse mackerel to make it look good.

  • 14. Gently press down with palm of hand to shape.

  • 15. Roll up the red shiso. (The shiso must be picked between July and Obon, or it will be too thin and tear when rolled.)

  • 16. When the sushi has been successfully rolled, gently press down again.

provider : Oita's Local Cuisine for the Next Generation.

* Recipes vary depending on the region and home.