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Stir-fried itadori

Stir-fried itadori
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  • Image provider: Tosa Traditional Food Study Group

  • Image provider: Tosa Traditional Food Study Group


Ingredients (For 4 persons)

  • Itadori (pre-cooked) 300g
  • Oil 1 tbsp.
  • sugar 1 tbsp.
  • soy sauce 2 tbsp.
  • dried bonito shavings a pinch
  • sesame seeds a pinch

How to cook

  • 1. Cut frozen or salted Japanese horned lilies into 4 cm lengths and soak in water to remove salt and acidity.

  • 2. Put oil in a pan and heat slightly, then add the shaved bonito flakes and seasonings, and stir-fry quickly.

  • 3. Add sesame seeds and allow to cool while letting the flavors blend.

Recipe Arrangements

Cut diagonally to release the salt and acidity more quickly. Do not overcook. The crunchiness is important. Do not boil the leftovers, as they will become soft if you boil them again.

provider : "Tosa no Shokutaku, Tosa no Aji, Mama no Aji" (Tosa Traditional Food Study Group), "Tosa no Aji, Furusato no Kitchi" (Kochi Prefecture Lifestyle Improvement Association)

* Recipes vary depending on the region and home.

* This recipe video has been partially arranged to make it easier to cook at home.