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Buri Zouni (Japanese Amberjack Soup with Mochi Rice Cakes)

Buri Zouni (Japanese Amberjack Soup with Mochi Rice Cakes)
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Ingredients (5 servings)

  • Round mochi rice cakes 10 pieces
  • Japanese amberjack 5 slices
  • Daikon radish 100g
  • Carrots 50g
  • Spinach 100g
  • [Broth] Kombu kelp to make a broth An appropriate quantity
  • [Broth] Dried bonito shavings An appropriate quantity
  • Soy sauce An appropriate quantity

How to cook

  • 1. Simmer the Japanese amberjack in soy sauce in advance.

  • 2. Boil the spinach and cut it into pieces about 3cm. each.

  • 3. Cut the daikon radish and carrots just a little largish in half moons or quarter rounds.

  • 4. Make the broth. Put the daikon radish, carrots, and lily bulb in the broth. Adjust the flavor with soy sauce.

  • 5. Boil the mochi rice cakes in a separate pot until they become doughy.

  • 6. Put the mochi rice cakes in bowls. Nicely arrange the ingredients including the Japanese amberjack, spinach, daikon radish, and carrots in the bowls.

provider : Bihoku Guidance Center to Spread Agriculture over a Wide Area

* Recipes vary depending on the region and home.