Tokushima Prefecture

Uchigae Zouni

Uchigae Zouni
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  • Tokushima Culinary Science Society, Shikoku University, Keiko Takahashi

  • Miyoshi City Tourism Association


Ingredients (Serves 4)

  • [Basic soup] Dashi broth (dried sardine 5g, dried shiitake mushroom 2pc, kelp 5g, water 800ml) 750ml
  • [Basic soup] Soy sauce 50g (3 tbsp.)
  • [Basic soup] Mirin 36g (2 tbsp.)
  • Iwadofu 600g (1 piece)
  • [Basic soup A] 300ml
  • Yam (yatsugashira or taro) 500g (small (40g) x 12 pieces)
  • [Basic soup B] 250g
  • Sugar 3g
  • Pouring soup (basic soup) 200ml (50ml per person)

How to cook

  • 1. Make the basic soup. Remove the head and internal organs from the dried sardines, cut them in half, and soak them in the amount of water specified in the recipe. Rinse the dried shiitake mushrooms in water, to remove dirt, then soak them in water along with the dried sardines. After about 30 minutes, add the kelp and heat, remove the kelp just before it boils, allow to gently boil for a few minutes, then strain out the dried sardines and shiitake mushrooms so that you are left with the dashi broth. Season the broth by adding soy sauce and mirin.

  • 2. Cut the iwadofu into rectangular pieces about 5cm x 10cm x 1cm, with 2 pieces per person. Simmer in the basic soup A for a few minutes.

  • 3. Peel the yams (yatsugashira or taro), cut into approximately 40g pieces, and parboil. Add sugar to the basic soup B and simmer to make them slightly sweet.

  • 4. 4. Place 3 yams into a bowl, stack the iwadofu on top in a criss-cross pattern, then pour the soup on top.

provider : Keiko Takahashi, Shikoku University

* Recipes vary depending on the region and home.