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Seisai-zuke (Pickled seisai mustard)

Seisai-zuke (Pickled seisai mustard)
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  • Image source: Oishii Yamagata

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Ingredients (for one container of pickles)

  • [Pre-pickling] Seisai mustard (pre-soaked) 1 kg
  • [Pre-pickling] Salt 40g (about 4% of greens)
  • [Pre-pickling] Priming water Appropriate amount of water
  • [Pre-pickling] Weight more than twice the weight of seisai mustards
  • [Main pickling] Soy sauce 30ml
  • [Main pickling] Sugar 40g
  • [Main pickling] Sake (Japanese rice wine) 30ml
  • [Main pickling] Shochu (Japanese liquor) 30ml

How to cook

  • 1. [Pre-pickling (1)] Wash the seisai mustard and dry them until they are soft.

  • 2. [Pre-pickling (2)] Place the seisai mustard in a pickle vat, sprinkle salt on it, and pickle it gradually

  • 3. [Pre-pickling (3)] Add priming water to make the water rise quickly, and pickle for about 3 days. Adjust the amount of salt based on the amount of water added because the more water we add, the lower the salt concentration becomes.

  • 4. [Main pickling (1)] Wash the pre-soaked seisai mustards and drain them well.

  • 5. [Main pickling(2)] Heat the main pickling seasonings (except shochu), turn off the heat just before boiling, and let it cool.

  • 6. [Pickling (3)] Fill a container with [Pickling (1)], arrange the drained seisai mustards and pour 4. Repeat this process, and finally pour the remaining juice over the seisai mustards. Fill a container with the soaked seisai mustard, arrange it well and pour the seasoning mixture over it. Repeat this process four times and finally pour the remaining juice over the seisai mustards.

  • 7. [Main pickles (4)] Put the seisai mustards in a separate container, add the seasoning liquid from the main pickles (except shochu), and shochu. Cover the container with a lid, put a weight on it, and store it in a cold place for about 1 week.

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