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  • Image Provider: Yamagata Public Relations Photo Library


Ingredients (1 4.5L pickle container)

  • Seisai greens 1kg
  • Daikon radish 200g
  • Carrot 80g
  • Jerusalem artichoke 150g
  • Perilla seeds (salted) 100g
  • Salt 45g (3% of the ingredients)
  • Yellow chrysanthemum (edible chrysanthemum) 20g (optional)
  • Ginger 30g (optional)
  • [A] Soy sauce 50g (a little over 3 tbsp.)
  • [A] Granulated brown sugar 10g
  • [A] Mirin 35g

How to cook

  • 1. Wash the seisai, cut the wide part in half lengthwise, then cut into 7mm pieces. Peel the daikon radish and carrot and cut into small pieces. Thoroughly wash the Jerusalem artichoke and cut into small pieces, leaving the peel on.

  • 2. Sprinkle salt on the chopped vegetables and mix well, then cover with a weight about twice as heavy as the ingredients, and pickle overnight. Soak the perilla seeds in water to lightly remove the salt.

  • 3. The next day, throw away the vegetable juice, wash well with water, then squeeze thoroughly to remove the moisture.

  • 4. Remove the petals from the yellow chrysanthemums, blanch briefly in boiling water with a little vinegar, then drain and remove the moisture. Peel and julienne the ginger.

  • 5. Briefly boil the ingredients from A in a pot, then cool.

  • 6. Combine the pre-pickled and washed vegetables, perilla seeds, yellow chrysanthemums, and ginger, then pour the seasoning liquid from step 5 on top and mix together. Place a light weight on top to ensure that the ingredients are submerged in the pickling liquid. (If the ingredients are submerged in the liquid that comes out, you can remove the weight and just use the lid.)

  • 7. It is ready to eat in 2-3 days. It's not too salty, so it is best to store in the fridge and eat within about 2 weeks.

provider : Yamagata Prefecture

* Recipes vary depending on the region and home.