Yamanashi Prefecture


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Ingredients (For 5 persons)

  • wheat flour 400g
  • Lukewarm water 150 to 200 ml
  • Potato 100g
  • Pumpkin 75g
  • Daikon radish 60g
  • carrot 25g
  • Chinese cabbage 100g
  • shiitake mushroom 5 pieces
  • green onion 35g
  • deep-fried tofu 25g
  • Niboshi (dried sardines) 75g
  • Water 2.5L
  • Miso paste 180 to 200g

How to cook

  • 1. Make soup stock by mixing dried sardines and water in a pan.

  • 2. Add lukewarm water to flour a little at a time, and knead it into a glutinous rice cake, a little harder than an earlobe. Cover with a wet dish towel and let rise for about 30 minutes.

  • 3. Cut potato and pumpkin into chunks.

  • 4. Cut carrots and daikon radish into chunks, and shiitake mushrooms into thick strips. Cut Chinese cabbage into chunks.

  • 5. Cut fried bean curd into strips, and slice leeks into thin diagonal strips.

  • 6. Add the hard vegetables first to 1 and cook until softened.

  • 7. Spread the batter over 2 and cut into thin strips, about 1 cm wider than udon noodles to make houtou-men.

  • 8. Add fried bean curd, half of the miso paste and 7. When the houtou-men becomes clear, add the remaining miso and season to taste.

provider : "Yamanashi-no-Shoku Whole Food Experience Handbook"

* Recipes vary depending on the region and home.