Fukui Prefecture


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Ingredients (For 1 tub (easy-to-make portions))

  • mackerel 6 medium
  • salt 3 cups
  • [Nuka] Konuka (rice bran) 10 cups
  • [Nuka] Salt 1 cup
  • [Nuka] Chili pepper to taste

How to cook

  • 1. Open mackerel back open, stuff salt inside the body, sprinkle salt all over the mackerel, put a weight on the mackerel and soak for about a week until the water rises.

  • 2. Once the water rises, remove the mackerel.

  • 3. Mix the bran and salt well, put a little on the bottom of the barrel, and fill the barrel tightly with mackerel and bran alternately, pour in the water with the salt from around the mackerel, put red pepper on top, put a weight on top and leave in a cool dark place.

  • 4. After about six months, they are ready to eat.

provider : "Rediscover! Food of Fukui" *partially modified

* Recipes vary depending on the region and home.